One of my hobbies is stamp collecting. Philately is the the study of stamps. While I enjoy collecting any unusual type of stamp, my collection focuses mainly on three philatelic categories. The first is pre-World War II Austrian stamps. I also collect what's known as "C-11"s. This is a Scott's Catalogue category of 5-cent airmail stamps. The third category is called "Crosby Cachets". A Cachet is a stamped picture located on an envelope. Crosby is a designer whose Cachets are rare and beautiful.

Pre World War II Austrian Stamps

My Collection of Pre World War II Austrian Stamps...

Pre World War II Austrian Stamps Links...

  • mainly targets the Postal stamps of Europe, but also touches on US and Canadian postage stamps. There is information about different ways of buying stamps : Stamp auction ( with stamp appraisal ), buying through a Stamp Dealer, finding a stamp store, addresses for a free stamp, buying Stamps Online (Auctions). Get an indication on Stamp values: values of Rare stamps, Stamp price lists. Info about Stamp supplies : albums, stamp catalogs (Scott, Yvert et Tellier, Michel), where to find them. Peruse 80,000 Stamp Database available on this site for identification. Stamp collecting and information about every stamp agency related to the hobby of philately.

  • Online Philatelic Service - European Stamp Auctions
    Online Philatelic Service informs both collectors and traders about European stamp auctions, Complete Auction Catalogues, realized auction prices and many other philatelistic events. They offer the European Auctions Calendar to get an overview of upcoming auctions in the next two month in Europe. FAX numbers, phone numbers, adresses and Online Connections of the auctions are included. They offer new articles about Catalogue Value Changes of German Stamps and and topical highflyers on the stamp auction market.

  • Österreichische Post AG (The Austrian Post)
    Österreichische Post AG (The Austrian Post) is Austria's leading service provider in mail carriage. Österreichische Post AG was founded on March 3, 1999 as a subsidiary of Post and Telekom Austria. Its core business activities are provision of postal and parcel services. The Austrian Post has a sales network that is unique in Austria. With comprehensive investments in modernization of post offices, the business is transitioning from a public agency to a modern service company. The site has a stamp search engine, a tracking engine, a ZIP engine and a location directory on its home page (like most National Post Offices). A Catalogue Search makes finding any stamp a snap. Österreichische Post AG's special issue postage stamps are renowned all over the world for the excellent quality of both design and print. Issued in strictly limited numbers, their value is guaranteed to remain stable. The standard issue series, whose primary purpose is paying for postage, are printed in unlimited numbers as series with related motifs denominating the required postage values. The Philately Shop and Philately Section cater to collectors who can purchase anything from a Collection Kit to special issue commemoratives.

  • Austrian Philatelic Society (APS)
    The Austrian Philatelic Society is an organisation of some 250 members, one third of whom live outside the UK, including many in the USA and others in some 23 countries! Our object is to cater for every aspect of Austrian philately, from the beginnings of the postal system to the latest issues and from the Postal History of all the territories within the Habsburg Empire before 1918 to studies of interest to Thematic (Topical) collectors. The site contains a Stamp Library accessible to members.

  • Johann Schlosser Stamp Auction House
    J. Schlosser Briefmarken Auktionshaus is an Austrian Stamp Auction House. Their web site contains their current Auction Catalogue with current data and images for the offered issues. They will also send out a Print Version of the catalogue on request. The Online Shop offers a diversity of philatelic offerings in German and English.

  • The Postal History of Austria
    The Postal History of Austria is a web site composed by Thomas Berger in English and German versions. The site presents a complete set of links to an assortment of Austrian philatelic disciplines. A compendium of Literature links, Online links, and Useful Addresses are available. Some of Mr. Berger's Collection Favorites are presented for scrutiny on a bilingual separate page. Another bilingual (English and German) page offers advice about and examples of Austrian Stamp Forgeries. An assortment Austrian Stamp Covers and a wide variety of philatelic literature are also available for purchase.

  • Austria Philatelic Society (US)
    The nascent Austria Philatelic Society (US) is the successor to the Austria Philatelic of New York group, which was formed in New York City in 1948 and faded away c. 1975. They're a nonprofit social organization assembled for the research, study and enjoyment of Austria philately. They carry Philatelic Articles that relate to Austria and the history of Austrian Philately. An Expertizing Service is available online to members and the collector community at large. They have a small set of Links useful for furthering one's interest in the stamps of Austria.

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C-11 5˘ Airmail Stamps

My Collection of C-11 5˘ Airmail Stamps...

  • An envelope bearing a stamped commemoration of the National Balloon Race and the Omaha Air Races that ran from May 27th through May 30th, 1932. Not surprisingly, the cancellation is dated May 29, 1932 (Day 3 of the Race!).

  • This letter made a historic Trans-Atlantic voyage. It departed Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 19th aboard the Graf Zeppelin and arrived 9 days later on October 28th at Friedrichshafen, Germany on its way to Dramburg. Zeppelins were experimental and the ultimate in high-tech long distance luxury travel. The initial and final cancellations by Milwaukee and Friedrichshafen are joined by a third final on-ship "First Flight Air Mail" cancellation commemorating the air link of America to Germany by the depicted Graf Zeppelin, one of Germany's first-line dirigibles.

  • Theodore Roosevelt's son, Quentin, is pictured on the envelope of this 1929 Air Mail correspondence. The Oyster Bay, New York (T.R.'s Home Town) Post Office was designated as the "Quentin Roosevelt Post No.4" as part of the Memorial Day Celebration honoring the former Rough Rider and President of the United States.

Airmail Stamps Links...

  • American Air Mail Society
    July 25, 1928 5˘ Carmine & Blue Beacon on Sherman Hill Scott #C11The AAMS was founded in 1923, and is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world with over 1,500 members worldwide. You can download and print your own nineteen page U.S. Air Mail Stamp Album that provides space for every air mail stamp issued in the U.S. from 1918 until 2002. Also available are current and archived info from The Airpost Journal (APJ), a generously illustrated magazine covering a wide range of aerophilately. A Welcome to Collecting Airmail section details everything you need to know about aeroplilately and a Members Auction makes the stamps available!

  • International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies (FISA)
    FISA is the International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies. The purpose is to promote and assist in the development of aerophilately and astrophilately worldwide, publishes and promotes aerophilatelic and astrophilatelic literature (including its own FISA Bulletin), support and advise organizers of aerophilatelic and astrophilatelic exhibitions, competitions, symposia and seminars, suppresses forgeries and cooperates with international groups in this area. FISA is the patriarch of aerophilatelic organizations.

  • Fédération Internationale de Philatélie Commission for Aerophilately
    The "Fédération Internationale de Philatélie" (F.I.P.) has commissions that oversee every category of philately worldwide. Aerophilately, or the study of air mail stamps, is administered by the Federation of Norwegian Philatelists (english version), the FIP subsidiary in Norway. Egil H. Thomassen is the President of both the Federation of Norwegian Philatelists and the FIP Commission for Aerophilately. His book about Norwegian Air Mail is a standard.

  • British Aerophilatelic Federation (B Ae F)
    The British Aerophilatelic Federation is the only philatelic organisation in the United Kingdom devoted to all aspects of aerophilately. Their venue encompasses first flights, air mail rates or routes, balloon or Zeppelin flights, pioneer flights, interrupted or crash mails, catapult mails, internal air mails, air mails to Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East or the Americas. Their web site is part of Stamp Domain, a complete resource centre on the internet for stamp collectors. They maintain an independent Aerophilately page in addition to pages for Thematic Philately, Clubs & Societies, Society Websites, Buying Stamps Online, Stamp Auction Diary and Auctioneers, Country Resource Pages and more.

  • Gordon Brick's StampVault
    Gordon Brick's Stamp Vault is an easy to navigate display of air mail plate blocks and philatelic covers. It is a complete U.S. Air Mail Exhibition. The individual plate blocks (blocks of stamps as they're sold in the post office) are in sorted display format so you can go right to the stamp block or cover that interests you. As I collect the Sherman Hill Beacon on Rocky Mountains 5˘ air mail stamps (C11 in the Scott Catalogue) I simply click here, here, or here to get three versions of the rare plate blocks.

  • Metropolitan Air Post Society
    The Metropolitan Air Post Society (MAPS), originally the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club (MACC), is a non-profit association of aerophilatelists started in 1941. A chapter of the American Air Mail Society, they are devoted to the study of stamps and markings on items delivered by air. A Show and Tell page allows members to share issues at meetings and online. A Covers page is a gallery of contributed examples of covers that fellow aerophilatelists collect.

  • Aerophil Aerophilately
    Ken Sanford is an aerophilatelist and a part-time dealer in Aerophilatelic and Commercial Aviation Books & Literature, and air crash covers. Aerophil Aerophilately carries the world's largest stock of Aerophilatelic books - both new and used, and a large stock of Air Crash Covers. The site also sponsors the Wreck & Crash Mail Society. They have a full set of Links to other Aerophilatelic Web Sites, Links to Various Aviation Web Sites and Links to General Philatelic Web Sites.

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Crosby Cachets

Retired Naval Chief Gunner's Mate Walter Garfield Crosby lived in San Diego and was an established philatelist since 1928, primarily known as a dealer in US Navy ship cancels. He formed a stamp business catering to collectors and his covers are among the most popular covers with collectors today. When the California Pacific Exposition came to San Diego he stunned cachet makers worldwide when he produced what is considered to be his first cachets with thermographic print and real photographs, a design format that soon became his trademark. The proximity of the Exposition made it possible for Crosby to produce a wide variety of philatelic postal history from the first day of the Exposition to the last. Crosby died in 1947.

My Collection of Crosby Cachets...

  • In 1939, a sizable contingent of the United States Fleet based in San Pedro and San Diego, California departed on a historic journey through the Panama Canal to New York. This "East Coast Visit" spanned the six months from January to June with stops en route at the Canal Zone, Cuba, and Hampton Roads, Virginia prior to culminating in New York. The beautiful Cachet designed by W.G. Crosby houses a picture of the U.S.S. Minneapolis, the ship upon which the letter was cancelled on January 16th, 1939.

  • This Independence Day envelope bears two unique components. The affixed 3˘ "Win The War" stamp, created for the July 4th, 1942 Independence Day celebration, is a valuable First Day of Issue. This Washington D.C. "First Day Cover" is adorned with one of W.G. Crosby's patriotic Cachets commemorating the six-month old Pacific Theater of Operations. A bamboo frame, native to the depicted South Pacific, surrounds a picture of General Douglas MacArthur, the architect of the U.S. Army's Pacific Campaign during World War II.

  • This rare September 28th, 1945 "First Day of Issue" displays both Theaters of Operation that the United States contended with during World War II. The 3˘ "First Day Cover" portrays the U.S. Army victoriously traversing the Arc de Triomphe in Paris under the protective unbrella of Allied Air Support. W.G. Crosby's "The U.S. Army Has Landed" blood red thermographic Cachet commemorates the U.S. Army Field Artillery. The Cachet pictures soldiers of the U.S. Army attacking Axis forces in the Pacific after being delivered to the targeted landing area by Naval Forces in the background. The picture attached in Crosby's Cachet demonstrates 3 U.S. soldiers hauling artillery behind a jeep.

Crosby Cachets Links...

  • Crosby Goes to The Fair
    Click to Enlarge The California Pacific International Exposition opened in San Diego on May 29, 1935, and ran for for six months closing on November 11, 1935. It reopened for a second season on February 12, 1936, and remained open until September 9, 1936. In its 377 days of operation the Exposition attracted over 7.2 million visitors with the gate receipts making the Exposition profitable. The Exposition put the town of San Diego on the map but more importantly for philatelists, it launched the career of cachetmaker heavyweight Walter Garfield Crosby.

    Click to EnlargeThe Exposition was a sight to behold. The Spanish-Colonial city has been described as being that of a fairytale, while the exhibits included such modern day wonders as the Ford Building, the Electrical Building, and the Hollywood Motion Picture Hall. As with all major expositions there remains a sizable quantity of philatelic memorabilia available to the stamp collecting community. This includes the California Pacific International Exposition commemorative stamp which was issued on opening day. The release of the stamp (Scott 773) was anticipated by many philatelists as evidenced by the recorded 214,042 first day cancels. Many cachetmakers created first day covers for the stamp, but Crosby went several steps further producing covers for events throughout the entire Exposition.

    Click to EnlargeCrosby had been an established philatelist since 1928 primarily known as a dealer in US Navy ship cancels. However, when this Exposition came to his home town he stunned cachetmakers worldwide when he produced what is considered to be his first cachets with thermographic print and real photographs. A design format that soon became his trademark. The proximity also contrived to make it possible for Crosby to produce a wide variety of philatelic postal history from the first day of the Exposition to the last. Larry Gregg's online exhibit is a collection of Exposition covers all produced by Crosby, and includes 19 of his prized first First Day Covers.

  • Crosby Cachets Exhibits
    This Pressroom Epicovers web site offers a combination of Crosby creations. In addition to several beautiful examples of Cachets, the site contains a set of the Dirigible USS Akron photographs sold by Crosby in the 1930's, a set of 10 USS Macon photographs (another dirigible which sank off Point Sur, California) also sold by Crosby in the 1930's, and some First Day Cover Yorktown Issue #703 of "Old Ironsides" (the U.S. Frigate Constitution, Yorktown Va., Oct. 19, 1931). Crosby sold these photographs under the DBA of, "W.G. Crosby Exposition and Naval Cachet Service". This was done as part of an effort to encourage the post office to create new stamps commemorating the Akron, the Macon, and "Old Ironsides".

  • San Diego's California-Pacific Exposition 1935-1936
    Click to Enlarge On a Web Site maintained by the The San Diego Historical Society, W.G. Crosby's Cachets created for the San Diego's California-Pacific Exposition 1935-1936 are represented. The site also contains a Postcard Index of all of the (at the time) magical state-of-the-art Expo exhibits created by Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not, Standard Oil's "Tower to the Sun", Ford, Shell Oil, the Old Globe Theatre, Firestone's Singing Fountain, Palace of Varied Industries, Japanese Tea Garden, Spreckel's Organ Pavillion, the Museum of Man, Foreign Nations Hacienda, Palace of Fine Arts, Zoro Gardens, Palace of Better Housing, Gold Gulch, Hollywood Hall of Fame, Palace of Natural History, Plaza del Pacifico, House of Charm, Cafe of the World, Alcazar Garden and many others.

  • 1939 Royal Visit Crosby Cachets
    Click to Canadian Page Click to United States Page Click to Canadian Page Click to Newfoundland Page This is Glenn Estus's First Day Covers (FDC) web site and it contains a wonderful selection of Crosby Cachets. A cachet is a thermographic imprint, usually framing a graphic, used to detail or decorate envelopes. One of the most prolific cachet makers of the 1930s and 1940s was Naval Chief Gunner's Mate W. G. (Bones) Crosby of San Pedro, California. His cachets can usually be identified by a thermographic design with a small picture pasted into the design...but not always! With the advent of the 1939 Royal Visit of H.M. George VI and H.M. Elizabeth to Canada, the U.S.A. and Newfoundland, he created a series of cachets that frame a printed picture instead of one that's pasted on.

    The collection is divided into several sections. The Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to North American in May and June 1939 is sorted into an Introductory page, a page devoted to the United States page, a Canadian page, and a Newfoundland page.

  • W.G.Crosby Cachets in the Naval Cover Museum
    Closeup of the cover for minesweeper U.S.S. Tern AM-31 featuring a Crosby Cachet - CLICK TO ENLARGE The Naval Cover Museum is a cyber-museum specializing in the classification and presentation of Naval Covers. A Naval Cover is any envelope, postcard, or other postal medium that is mailed from or somehow related to a navy ship, location, or event. Beginning in 1908, post offices were established on board U.S. Navy ships and each ship had one or more postmarks to "cancel" the stamps used on the cover. The postmark, or cancellation, would usually have the ship's name and the date that the cover was cancelled. Starting in the 1930's, covers with printed designs, called cachets, began appearing and established a large following. Many different cachets were designed and sent to various ships to be cancelled and mailed. Some cachets were designed for a specific ship while others were generic (perhaps for a holiday or commemorating an historical event) and sent to many different ships. World War II severely curtailed the creation and distribution of cachets and while covers with cachets are still created today, the phenomenon has never regained its pre-war level of enthusiasm. The site has a large cross-section of Crosby's Cachets, spanning from 1931 to 1945.

  • W. G. Crosby Cacheted Covers for the USS BEAR
    Closeup of cacheted Crosby cover designed for use aboard the USS BEAR during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-41 - Click to Source, a site dedicated to the heroic explorers of our polar regions and the surrounding islands, contains a philatelic introduction to the Byrd Antarctic Expedition III: The Postal History. As far as is currently known, eight varieties exist of the famous and attractively cacheted Crosby covers designed for use aboard the USS BEAR during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-41. Crosby managed to place covers aboard the USS Philippine Sea (the largest aircraft carrier of the Essex class) before the ship departed the United States for its historic voyage to Antarctica (OPERATION HIGHJUMP). Other ships involved in the operation also had some of the famous cachets.

  • Pacific Air Route Flying Boat Crosby Cachets
    Unsused Crosby thermographed cachet for Pan American Airways with photo of Pan Am clipper. For the North and South Pacific Routes. Click to Source Professor Dirk H. R. Spennemann's site presents some images of stamps and covers produced by W.G. Crosby for the Pan American flying boat service across the Pacific. It includes covers for Pan American Airways for the California to Hawaii sector and Midway Island. All Cachets show photographs of the "Pan Am Clipper" as part of the trademark Crosby thermographs. Some have the California seal and some the Hawaii seal. It also has covers for the Pacific News Agency (Honolulu) for the North and South Pacific Routes.

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Joe Lufts Philatelic Search Engine

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web

General Philatelic Links

  • United States Post Office Online Store
    The world's largest and most prolific plilatelic vendor is the United States Post Office. Their online store sells stamps by rate, subject, format, type, and issue. Stamp products and combo packs are also available. The Collector's Corner contains a release schedule, stamp issues, a stamp collecting FAQ, and a philatelic glossary. Great Browsing!

  • The American Philatelic Society
    With nearly 50,000 members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors. Founded in 1886, the APS promotes stamp collecting with educational resources (a Stamp Campus), the American Philatelic Research Library, seminars, an online StampStore, stamp insurance and, the American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX), whose mission is to ascertain authoritative opinions on the genuineness of stamps and covers. Almost a quarter of a million viewable stamps (used and unused) available in their StampStore are sorted by region, year, type (Plateblock, Multiple, Complete Set, Cinderella, Single, Souvenir Sheet, etc.), cover or Scott Catalogue Number.

  • Stamps.Net - Philately's Internet Magazine
    Stamps.Net is completely devoted to philatilics. Stamp news, a Philatelic Yellow Pages, and a Stamp Event Calendar are all available in this omnibus worldwide stamp news online resource. The international scope and the comprehensive Stamp News Archive make this an excellent philatelic portal.

  • is a philatelic supersite with huge reference capabilities. Stamps are indexed by country, theme, new issues, postmark and chronologically. There are dozens of local catalogs used worldwide. In the United States it's Scotts; United Kingdom: Stanley Gibbons; there's also Yvert, AFA and Michel and dozens of others. Some of these catalogs protect their numbers with copyrights and refuse permission for projects like this to use their numbers. Most of these catalogs also use an inconsistent and arbitrary system. uses a new system (an International Number) that contains a date code. You can use this code and easily look up in the stamp in your favorite catalog.

  • Philately Universe
    Philately Universe is another huge stamp-center. Available in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian, the site contains links to other international supersites. In addition to 2383 philatelic links arranged by Category, current stamp news, and specials, Philatelic Universe maintains a huge section known as Philately Universe Trade. This is a free service of Philately Universe for stamp collectors to put an exchange advertisement at the Internet. You can search sorted by country of origin of the stamp collectors, by surname and/or by language.

  • Stamp Shows
    If you are a collector or dealer in worldwide postage stamps, revenue stamps, covers, postal history, postal stationery, postcards, cinderella stamps etc., and are looking for a stamp show close to where you live then this website is for you. STAMP SHOWS provides the dates, places,directions and latest information on hundreds of different stamp shows worldwide and is updated regularly. STAMP SHOWS covers all sizes of stamp shows from the small one-day dealer bourse to large International Stamp Expositions. Just click on your state, area or country below to see all the stamp shows near where you live. StampShows.Com also has the largest best-organized Stamp Yellow Pages Directory on the internet. Contact data for international Philatelic Bureaux & Postal Administrations is posted along with hundreds of Local Posts and their accompanying Local Post Images. They also have the skinny on Stamp Shows in Florida.

  • Stamp Link
    StampLink is designed to promote philately by leading those collecting stamps directly to relevant philatelic sites without the frustration of persisting with general search engines. Many excellent stamp collecting sites, including lists of links to various stamp collecting resources, are on the Internet, so rather than duplicating those sites, these "Stamp Links" take you directly to the very best of them.

  • Stamp2.Com
    Over the past 4˝ years,™ has established itself as the definitive portal where philatelists and hobbyists come together to trade, study, exchange information and get the latest news of the philatelic world. Presently there are over 3200 unduplicated working links that are strategically organized making navigation of the site extremely easy. Whether learning the best practices of other collectors, doing research on a particular area of interest or finding the stamp that will complete your collection,™ provides the most comprehensive library of links and expert columns on the internet.

  • Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    The postal service forms part of the daily life of people all over the world. Even in the digital age, the Post remains, for millions of people, the most accessible means of communication and message delivery available. The postal services of the Universal Postal Union's 189 member countries form the largest physical distribution network in the world. More than six million postal employees work in over 700 000 postal outlets to ensure that some 430 billion mail items are processed and delivered each year to all corners of the world. Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) with its Headquarters in the Swiss capital Bern, is the second oldest international organisation after the International Telecommunications Union. The site's resources include Featured publications, Postcodes, Postal statistics, Postal administrations, Philately, and dozens of other areas that involve international mail.

  • Scott Online
    Scott Online is the Internet version of Scott Stamp Monthly, which contains updates to the industry standard "Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue". The Scott Catalogue is actually a series of catalogs covering the history of stamps in the entire world.

  • Stanley Gibbons
    Stanley Gibbons are the world's oldest stamp dealers. Founded in 1856, Stanley Gibbons produced the detailed Stanley Gibbons Catalogue monthly from 1865. By 1879 the catalogue had expanded to an annual edition in book form. Today they produce over 25 Catalogues a year, listing literally millions of stamps. Their benchmark Gibbons Stamp Monthly is now Britain's biggest selling philatelic publication, with thousands of subscribers around the world. Now in their third century of trading, Stanley Gibbons also maintain an unrivalled range of philatelic websites, including All World Stamps (Stanley Gibbons online stamp catalogue), Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Stamps At Auction (free online auction service designed by Stamp Collectors for Stamp Collectors), Stanley Gibbons and Stamp Cafe.

  • Stamp Cafe
    As many enthusiastic Collectors will be aware there is often a gap between the release of a new stamp issue and the publication of this information in magazines and catalogues. Stamp Cafe has been designed to address this problem. Stamp News, their online magazine, covers New Releases, Stamp Shows (mostly European), Club News, and Interest News. The Advice Centre, with a Glossary and Currency Identification, provides plenty of useful tips and guidelines for both new and experienced collectors.

  • American Topical Association
    The American Topical Association, organized in 1949 and in 90 countries, is the largest philatelic society devoted to a specific phase of stamp collecting. They publish over 100 handbooks devoted to the various aspects of specialty stamp collecting. The ATA sponsors the annual National Topical Stamp Show and publishes Topical Time, a 92 page bi-monthly publication that is the official journal of the American Topical Association.

  • The Global Post Office
    The Global Post Office is a simple straightforward site that directs you to Postal authorities and philatelic agencies around the world. Simply go to a picture of a stamp from an alphabetically sorted series of pages and click. You are taken to the website of that nation's post office. Also accessible are international philatelic organizations. The Global Post Office is hosted by, which also serves as host to Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia (see below), the huge multi-dimensional philatelic resource. Using the host's index page as a "jumping off" point to either site makes stamp surfing a breeze.

  • Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia
    Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia is about Stamps. Studying stamps, finding stamps, classifying stamps, investing in stamps, and generally understanding the fascinating world of postage stamp collecting. The pages are generously Illustrated. The links are sorted into categories such as Auctions and Auction Search, Basics, Catalogs (Online), Catalogs (Printed), Dictionaries, Discussions, Ezines, Magazines (English), Magazines (Foreign), Newsgroups, Refresher Index, Search Tools, Translators, Web Directories, Federations, Postal Authorities, Stamp Shows, Emblems, Rarities, Topicals, U.S. Inverts and What's New.

  • Zillions of Stamps
    Zillions of Stamps is a searchable online database that aggregates the inventory of more than 150 dealers to provide collectors with a quick way to find just the stamps they're looking for.

  • The U.S. National Postal Museum
    The Smithsonian Institute's National Postal Museum is the United States' official stamp collection. In addition to the gargantuan online Collection, the Museum sells Publications, publishes a newsletter (Enroute), online Curriculum Guides, the huge National Postal Museum Library (one of the world's largest philatelic research resources), the National Postal Museum's Photographic Archives, a comprehensive Stamp Collecting Resources & Education section and a series of Gallery Exhibits.

  • ASDA (American Stamp Dealers Association) StampBourse Online
    ASDA StampBourse Online connects you directly with the philatelic inventory of numerous ASDA Member Dealers simultaneously. It is a Stamp Inventory Search Engine that's sortable by vendor, philatelic category, reference catalogue, minimum and maximum price, country and condition. The ASDA StampBourse Online is sponsored by the 700-member American Stamp Dealers Association. ASDA's retail and wholesale members, since the organizations inception in 1914, include the most respected firms and individuals in the industry.

  • Linn's Stamp News
    Linn's Stamp News is the world's largest newspaper devoted to stamp collecting. is an introductory web site for beginning stamp collectors. Visitors to will find how-to articles, a stamp glossary, a listing of countries around the world that issue stamps, polls, quizzes, headlines from the weekly Linn's Stamp News and other useful information. The purpose of is to introduce newcomers to stamp collecting and to provide them with a sampling of the content from Linn's Stamp News. The annual series of Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbooks, published since 1983, constitute a repository of information on modern U.S. stamps that's available nowhere else.

  • Ask Phil
    AskPhil (short for "Philately," or stamp collecting), a non-commercial site sponsored by the Collectors Club of Chicago, is provided as a service to offer general answers to questions about stamp collecting. Simply Click Here to send in your question about stamps! A Q & A section uses Keywords to provide quick answers to 1500 frequently asked questions about philately. The Ask Phil Resource Library offers comprehensive and authoritative information on all aspects of stamp collecting.

  • AJ's Encyclopedia of Stamps & Philatelic Links
    AJ's Encyclopedia of Stamps & Philatelic Links is a huge collection of links that touch on every facet of the world of philately. A quick stopover to AJ's Personal Page will give you some motivational perspective for Arthur J. 'AJ' Ward's gargantuan philatelic website. He describes the site as "a link list intended to provide the broadest scope on philately that I can find on the 'net - limited only by knowledge, imagination and time." Believe it! Hundreds of links sorted by Exhibits, Stamp Issuing Entities, Postal Agents & Authorities, World and U.S. Dealers Directories, Auctions, Commercial Directories, and dozens of "How-To" categories can direct you to any philatelic resource worth knowing. The Tools Page alone can keep you occupied for a week.

  • 1847USA, designed primarily to aid collectors in their identification of U.S. stamps, offers many helpful guides, including the recent Guide to Watermarks, a Guide to Private Perforations, a Guide to United Stamps Postage Stamp Designs and List of Varieties By Year of Issue, a more thorough Guide to the Grills, a Guide to Washington-Franklin Stamps (along with a Guide to determine the Scott number of your Washington Franklins), a Quick Identification Guide for the Classic U.S. Stamps: 1847-1930 and a guide to color and color descriptions for U.S. stamps and articles on twentieth century issues.

  • The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society
    Since its founding, the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society has broadened its scope to include postal issues and postal history from the Stampless era up to the Bureau Issues. Many members have written articles that have been published in their award winning quarterly magazine, The Chronicle, and in other publications. Among their projects is The Stamp & Cover Repository & Analysis Program (S.C.R.A.P.), a unique U.S.P.C.S. effort to get philatelic fakes, frauds, & forgeries off the market while retaining them for study & reference.

  • Joseph R. Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web
    Joseph R. Luft offers a range of U.S. stamps for sale; and provides a jumping-off point for philatelic resources on the World Wide Web. A comprehensive current Price List for a huge philatelic inventory is available for viewing or download. Discount Postage (Mint U.S. postage for sale under face) is also available. Joe Luft's web site is distinguished by its comprehensive set of Philatelic Resources. Joe Luft is acknowledged as one of the premier philatelic sites on the internet.

  • Collecting Stamps FAQ
    This is the original Collecting Stamps FAQ, the complete guide to stamp collecting. Since March 2001 this FAQ has been maintained by Kaleb S. Keithley and pertains only to stamp related topics. The Table of Contents can be accessed on four levels, each providing greater depth of information than the previous one. Most of the time, no new chapters will have been added; to see which sections have been changed, select Level 2 or higher; for new subsections select Level 3 or higher, etc. Level 4 provides the greatest detail in the FAQ.

  • Sandafayre Online
    Sandafayre Online is probably the largest speciality auction on the Internet! Their web site offers more stamps than Ebay, more boxes and cartons than and more collections than! Their catalogues offer over $25million of stamps annually with auctions closing every week. Their 10 full time professional describers have over 300 years of philatelic experience behind them and work in high security premises with huge vaults holding millions of stamps. Sandafayre's Stamp Library, a non-commercial feature provided as a service to philately, allows the collector to look at many of the world's scarce and famous stamps issued since Rowland Hill created his famous 1d Black in 1840! The Stamp Atlas actualizes the benefit of having some knowledge of or interest in the political history of the country or countries by which the stamps were issued while Welcome to the Auctions offers the Lot Index, Viewing the Entire Auction and Auction Search. Renowned philatelic author and journalist James MacKay, author of over 100 philatelic books, renders Philatelic Articles to the site's surfers.

  • Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (F.I.P.)
    The "Fédération Internationale de Philatélie" (F.I.P.) has looked after stamp collectors and philatelists since 1926 - growing from a society of a handful European Philatelic Federations to a Federation with a network throughout the world with 80 National Philatelic Federations, 3 Continental Federations, and Promotional Members (Postal Administrations). World and National exhibitions, Nations Cup, World Championship and Web Site 2003 Competitions and the FIP Online Shop round out the site.

  • Search Stamps
    SearchStamps, the philatelic search engine, seeks to provide the collecting community with the largest and best philatelic directory on the web. SearchStamps does not buy or sell collectibles, nor do we have any commercial interest in any company that does so. As such, we can provide unbiased, comprehensive and independent resources that are informative and relevant to both the collectors and dealers needs. Users can now search not only our database, but also "search the web" and incorporate search results, from MSN, Yahoo, Google, Fast, and more. In addition, SearchStamps is building a data source file for both Auctions and Dealer Inventory. Users can search, in Real Time, auction lots from most of the major auction houses and Dealer Inventories, all from a single location.

  • The Stamp Trader List (STL)
    The Stamp Trader List (STL), a free service for stamp collectors with access to the internet, contains the names & e-mail addresses of stamp collectors who wish to establish connections & trade stamps with other people on the Internet. As of April 1st, 2002 the STL had 2670 listings, representing 97 different countries. The STL is primarily for collectors who wish to trade with others, not for dealers (who are not allowed to participate) or those who really have no interest in doing anything other than selling. The List is for collectors and traders. They have added an exhaustive Links Page to the site, covering Affiliated Sites, Catalogues and Magazines, Collector's Stamp Pages, Commercial Offerings, Country-Specific Resources, Downloadable Images, General Philatelic Resources, Online Collections, Philatelic Auctions, Philatelic Magazines, Philatelic Museums, Philatelic Shows and Societies, Philatelic Software, Postal Authorities, Postal History, Postal Stationary and Themes and Topics.

  • Net Collection
    NetCollection, with 1335 links to 88 countries, is one of the web's largest stamp sites. Operating the rersource is startlingly simple. There's a site search in which you enter any philatelic keyword, web site, stamp type or country of origin, catalogue data, organization info, topical category, etc. That's all! You wind up getting access to resources with enough information to sink a ship. They also have a service called "Philatelic Launch" that will randomly emplace a philatelic site as your browser's starting home page every you go online! If it's on the internet and it relates to stamps, it's here.

  • Cancel Nations Stamp Company
    Cancel Nations exists to provide you with interesting philatelic bargains generally only available when purchased as parts of large lots and collections. Their extensive listing of packets, by Worldwide, Region, Country or Topical, is the most economical way to build a collection. They handle a variety of quality offerings, including Covers and Collections. Peruse their listing of regular stock Bargain Packets or what they have on the shelf in short supply Packet Specials. For the collector of United States Stamps, Cancel Nations' U.S. Gallery and U.S. Specials offers a very complete selection of stamps from the 19th Century Classics to the newest setenets and mini-sheets. They maintain a separate website,, for your all your collecting supply needs.

    If you collect postal history, or are interested in discovering more about this fascinating branch of philately, you should find information here to help you. The Country Resources Page has links to postal history sites, societies, dealers and literature. The background histories of Covers new Exhibitions and a well-sorted set of Philatelic Links round out this site.

  • The Canadian Postal Archives
    In addition to offering an overview of the philatelic collections preserved by the National Archives of Canada, the Canadian Postal Archives site allows visitors to find information about every postage stamp issued by Canada and British North America since 1851. The site includes search engines that are linked to the Philatelic Library's catalogue database, to a database relating to post offices, and to a database on Canadian stamps. The latter provides access to thousands of digitized documents.

  • UK Philately
    "Welcome to UK Philately" is a catch-all locus of several major United Kingdom stamp emporia. The Association of British Philatelic Societies Ltd (ABPS) is the national organisation catering for the needs of philatelic federations, local and specialist societies, individual collectors and others interested in philately through all of its branches. The National Philatelic Society {NPS) is one of the largest general philatelic societies in Great Britain whose members are drawn from throughout the UK and Overseas. The National Philatelic Society Library (NPSL), along with its Online Database, is a world-class philatelic library covering all aspects of stamp collecting. The British Philatelic Trust (BPT), housed in the British Philatelic Centre in London, was established in 1981 by The Post Office, from which it is independent. The Trust received charitable status in 1983. As an educational charity, its objects are the promotion of "the study, research and dissemination of knowledge" in the philatelic arena.

  • Stamp View
    StampView.Com is exactly what it sounds like. This site is a stamps market. The unique aspect of Stampview is its huge graphic database depicting stamps from all points of the globe. Just place the national source of your philatelic interests and click. Stamps from around the world are available for scrutiny prior to purchase. Browsing is also available for those interested in window shopping or philatelic research. For instance, the United States menu link offers hundreds of well defined chronologically-sorted pictures of national stamps in three giant galleries.

  • Worldwide Stamp New Issues
    This site presents a worldwide listing of new issues of postage stamps. Each stamp is listed under the issuing country. Sometimes, when a stamp is issued for a country which is a territory of another country, this stamp will be listed among the issues of both countries. All issues are arranged in strict chronological order. Non-postal stamps (tax stamps, or stamps for official use) are integrated within the country listing. Stamps are listed once announced by a postal authority or other source. Simply scroll to the country you wish to investigate and click!

  • Fabio's Stamp Resources
    Fabio's Stamp Resources is distinguished by an all-inclusive listing of Postal Authorities & Philatelic Bureaus, including their websites, postal addresses and e-mails and a list of philatelic agents. There is also access to Stamp Catalogues and philatelic literature with site & postal address of publishers. Stamp Resources are available by country and International Stamp Exhibitions and Stamp Agencies on the Web are sorted and rated.

  • The Glassine Surfer
    The Glassine Surfer is a Philatelic Super-Portal covering every imaginable aspect of stamp collecting. A web-based Stamp Identifier matches the printed inscription on the stamp to a term in the alphabetically sorted inscription lists. Access to Stamp Collecting Catalogues & Books for Sale, Stamp Guides, Article Archives and a comprehensive Stamp FAQ give the site added value. The voluminous Glassine Surfer Stamp Collecting Link Directory is what distinguishes this site as a Stamp Super-Portal.

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